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Desperate Housewives S01E03

1–She was his wife.她是他妻子
2–He deserves to have all the facts.他有权知道事情的真相
3–She abandoned her husband and her 但她就这样抛弃了她的丈夫和孩子
4–son and I’ll never forgive her.我永远不会原谅她
5–It’s the age-old question,又回到老问题上了
6–how much do we want to know about our neighbors?我们到底有多想知道邻居的秘密
7–You gonna cancel the meeting with the divorce lawyer.请你取消和离婚律师的见面
8–We’ll find a marriage councilor.我们去找个婚姻顾问
9–I’m Mike Deifino.我是麦克·德尔非诺
10–Susan Mayer. I live across the street.我是苏珊·梅尔 我住对面
11–If you wanna dating him,想跟他约会
12–you’re gonna have to ask him out.得主动约他
13–I keep hoping he’ll ask me out.我一直希望他能来约我
14–I really hate the way you talk to me.我讨厌你跟我说话的语气
15–I hate that I spent $15,000 on your diamond necklace,我讨厌花一万五千块买条钻石项链
16–but I’m learning to deal with it.但是我学着接受了
17— Do you love him? - I do.-你爱他吗 -当然
18–So then why are we here? Why are we doing this?那我们为什么还在这偷情
19–Because I don’t want to wake up one morning,因为我可不想某天醒来
20–With a sudden urge to blow my brains out.想把自己的脑袋打爆
21–After I died,我死了以后
22–I began to surrender the parts of 我开始放弃那些
23–myself that were no longer necessary.对我来说已经不再重要的东西
24–My desires, beliefs, ambitions, doubts –欲望 信念 抱负 猜疑
25–every trace of my humanity was discarded.我的七情六欲都已不复存在
26–I discovered when moving through eternity,当我迈入永生的瞬间
27–it helps to travel lightly.我发现我变得轻松多了
28–In fact, I held on to only one thing 但是 我依然保有一样东西
29–my memory.那就是我的记忆
30–It’s astonishing to look back on the world I left behind 当我回头看身后的世界
31–I remember it all –真是令人吃惊
32–every single detail.每个细节都历历在目
33–Like my friend Bree Van de Kamp.比如我的朋友布里·范德坎普
34–I remember the easy confidence of her smile,我还记得她自信的微笑
35–the gentle elegance of her hands,优雅的手势
36–the refined warmth of her voice.亲和的语气
37–But what I remember most about Bree 但最难忘的
38–Rex, wasn’t that lovely –雷克斯 晚餐很棒吧
39–Was the look of fear in her eyes.是她眼神中的恐惧
40–Bree had started to realize her world was unraveling,布里发现她的世界正在分崩离析
41–and for a woman who despised loose ends,对于凡事求完美的她来说
42–that was unacceptable.这是不可接受的
43–Rex. Rex. You need to get up.雷克斯 起来了
44–It’s not even light out.天还没亮呢
45–Please hurry.快起床
46–If the kids see you sleeping down here,如果孩子们看到你睡在这儿
47–they’re going to start asking questions.他们会问东问西的
48–Let ‘em ask. I don’t care anymore.让他们问好了 我不在乎
49–Well, I care.可我在乎
50–They don’t need to be burden with our marital problems 没必要让他们察觉出我们之间出问题 了
51–While we’re working things out, the least 我们尽快把关系修缮好
52–we can do is try to keep up appearances.现在至少需要做些表面功夫
53–Oh, yeah. Appearances.是啊 表面功夫
54–I keep forgetting about appearances.我都忘了得做做表面功夫
55–Oh, Rex, you look so tired.雷克斯你看起很疲惫
56–I didn’t sleep.我根本睡不着
57–This damn thing is so uncomfortable.这东西睡起来真不舒服
58–Well, why don’t you move back upstairs and sleep in our bed?何不搬回楼上 睡我们的床
59–We’re in marriage counseling, Bree.我们现在在接受婚姻咨询
60–I think that would confuse things.我们需要搞清楚这点
61–It’s just–可是
62–I miss you.我想你
63–I know you do.我知道
64–Of course, if I don’t find out start 当然 如果我还是无法入睡
65–getting some sleep, pretty soon 我迟早会因为疲劳过度
66–I’ll be forced to move back upstairs out of sure exhaustion.被迫搬回楼上去睡
67–Yes, Bree was afraid of many things,没错 布里害怕很多事
68–but if there was one thing she wasn’t afraid of…但是有一样她从不害怕
69–it was a challenge.就是挑战
70–The day on Wisteria Lane began like any other.紫藤郡的早晨 平静如往昔
71–With a cup of coffee and the moring paper.咖啡和早报 一天的生活便开始了
72–Just give me a second….让我安静一会儿
73–And while Lynette read the business section.勒奈特开始了经济版的阅读
74–And Gabrielle studied the fall collections 加布丽尔在研究秋季时装
75–And Bree searched for decorating ideas 布里在报上寻找装饰的小贴士
76–Susan scanned the front page and saw something 苏珊在浏览头版时 报纸的日期
77–that caught her eye 引起了她的注意
78–美景先驱报 2004 年 10 月 15 日
80–What’s about time.都几点了
81–Be nice. I come bearing snacks.别这样 我带了零食哦
82–Lynette, these cards are sticky 勒奈特 这些扑克很黏
83–I know. Preston used the three of diamonds 我知道 普雷斯顿用了三张方块
84–to took scoop jam out of the jar.去挖罐子里的果酱
85–Gorgeous, thankful we have 49 cards to play with.真好 我们还有 49 张牌能玩
86–Hello. Sorry I’m late.大家好 对不起我来晚了
87–So, Susan and I was just telling the girls,苏珊 我刚才正跟大家说
88–I want to throw a dinner party 我想办一个晚宴
89— Really? - Yes.-真的吗 -是的
90–Well how long have we all lived on this street 我们大家都住这儿很久了
91–we’ve never done a big group thing 一直没有机会聚聚
92–I think it’s a great idea 这主意不错
93–Paul never likes to have people over 保罗从来不欢迎大家过去
94–but the heck with him I’m doing it.管他呢 反正我要办一场
95–So when is this shindig?晚宴什么时候举行呢
96–How about a month from tonight?下个月的今天怎么样
97–That would be the 16th. Good for everyone?16 号 大家都有空吗
98–Works for me. Should we all make something?我没问题 我们都做点什么呢
99–Oh, no. This is my party.不必了 交给我就行
100–I’ve been wanting to have everyone over for years.我一直期盼能邀请大家来我家
101–I’m so happy we’re finally doing this.我很高兴 这个想法终于快实现了
102–It’s gonna be so much fun.肯定会很有趣
103–I know. Her dinner.我知道 她的晚宴
104–How could we have all forgotten about this?我们怎么把这事儿都给忘了
105–We didn’t exactly forget, it’s just usually 我们其实没忘 只是通常
106–when the hostess dies the party’s off.如果女主人死了 宴会就自动取消了
107–Lynette 勒奈特
108–I’m not being flip. I’m just pointing out a reality.不是我无礼 我只是说事实
109–Mary Alice was so excited about it.玛丽·艾莉丝很期待这次聚会
110–It’s so sad.真是不幸
111–I think we should go through with it.我们来帮她办吧
112–Really? Wouldn’t that be in poor taste?你确定 这样未免不太合适吧
113–No. It’s sort of a way to honor Mary Alice.这也是一个纪念玛丽·艾莉丝的方式
114–It was so important to her 这个宴会对她来说很重要
115–We could all use a fun night.我们也可以放松下
116–Well, good, because I have some new flour 那正好 我购买了新面粉
117–that I have been just dying to show off.早就迫不及待想让你们尝尝了
119— I’m in. - I’ll make braised lamb shanks.-我同意 -我要做炖羊腿
120–I’m still in.我还是同意
121–So how many I will be cooking for?我得准备几人份的晚餐呢
122–Seven. Three couples and Susan. Does that sound right?7 份 三对夫妻外加苏珊 对吧
123–No, it sounds very, very wrong.不 大错特错
124–Is there somebody you’d like to invite?你想邀请谁
125–I have an idea.我有个想法
126–A dinner party.一个晚宴
127–Honey, I may be working late.宝贝儿 我可能会工作到很晚
128–The Dillman proposal’s a complete mess.德尔曼的建议真是一团糟
129–No, no, you promised to be home every night this week.不行 你答应这几晚都会在家陪我的
130–I’ll try but I can’t guarantee anything.我只能尽量 但我没法保证
131–This is business.做生意就是这样
132–Says the prince 王子也是这样说的
133–as he rides off into the sunset.然后他就骑着马消失于夕阳中
134–Boy the movies ever get that wrong.看来电影说的没错
135–You know what your problem is?你知道你的问题出在哪儿吗
136–You’re very tense.你太紧张了
137–You should go to a spa or go shopping.做水疗也好 购物也好
138–Find a way to relax.总之放松放松
140–Where are you?你在哪
142–You free at 4:00?你四点能来吗
143–I’m not sure. I got track after school.不确定 下课后我要参加田径赛
144–Well, get here as fast as you can.那尽快过来
145–My husband says I need to relax.我老公说我应该放松一下
146–You, uh, want me to keep my gym clothes on like last time?你想让我像上次一样 穿着运动服 去吗
147–If you would, please.如果你不介意 当然可以
148–A dinner party?晚宴
149–Yeah, it’ll be fun.肯定会很有趣
150–Bree’s cooking, everyone’s coming.布里做饭 每个人都去
151–You know what? I haven’t even had 我都来不及
152–a chance to unpack yet, honey.打开行李 亲爱的
153–I just, uh, I just need to chill out for the next few days.我只是想清静几天
154–Oh, Tom.汤姆
155–There’ll be liquor and hors d’oeuvres and 宴会上有酒 开胃小菜
156–grownups without children and – and silverware.都是大人 没有孩子 还有银制餐具
157–Remember silverware?知道吗 是银制餐具
158–Honey, can you take this in for me?亲爱的 帮我把这个收起来好吗
159–Have you heard anything I just said?你有没有在听我说
160–Yeah, I’m sorry. I’m just – I’m wiped out.对不起 我只是 太累了
161–Three cities in six days – my head is just pounding.六天去了三个城市 我的头都快炸了
162–I’m not ready for a dinner party.我没有精力再去晚宴了
163–I already got a sitter.我已经找好保姆了
164–Can you cancel her?不能辞退吗
165–Please? Look, let’s just stay in tomorrow night.求你了 你看 我们明晚就待在家
166–We can get a bottle of wine and rent a video,开瓶酒 租个碟
167–and-I just want to hang out with my best gal.我只想跟我最爱的女人待在一起
168–That’s all.就是这样
169–I was looking so forward to a night out.我每天都期盼着 晚上可以出去
170–I know, sweetie, I’m sorry, but…我知道 亲爱的 我很抱歉 但是
171–I’m beat.我也很无奈
172–I mean, do you remember what it 还记得
173–was like to work a 60-hour week?一周工作 60 小时的时候吗
174–A dinner party?晚宴
175–Do I have to go?我必须去吗
176–Well, given that we’re hosting it, I’d say so.鉴于由我承办 我不得不说 是的
177–By the way, you won’t be drinking at this party.补充一下 你在晚宴上不能喝酒
178–Why is that?为什么
179–Because when you drink, you get chatty.因为你一喝酒 话就多
180–No one needs to know that we’re seeing Dr. Goldfine.我们的婚姻咨询没必要让别人知道
181–You know, if you spent half as much time working 你知道吗 如果你能把用一半掩盖问题的时 间
182–on our problems as you do covering them –来解决问题 那…
183–Not a drop.不可能
184–You know, this – this is ridiculous.这太可笑了
185–And this whole thing about us taking tennis lessons?说我们是去上网球课
186–Well, the nurses at your office may start wondering 你诊所的护士已经开始好奇
187–why you’re disappearing three times a week.为什么你一周内失踪了三回
188–Tennis lessons are a plausible alibi.上网球课是个可信的托辞
189–All right so, these tennis lessons we’re taking –那么 我们的网球课
190–how are we doing?进展如何
191–My backhand’s improving immensely,我的反手有明显进步
192–but you’re still having problems with your serve.但你的发球还存在很大问题
193–Of course.好吧
194–A dinner party?晚宴
195–It’s tomorrow night, so if you could 明天晚上举行 所以你能否
196–just keep Julie an extra day.帮忙照看朱莉一天
197–Fine, but that’s all. Brandi and I leave 行 不过我和布兰迪周末
198–sunday for a week up at the cabin.要去小木屋住一周
199–What cabin?什么小木屋
200–Brandi wanted some place where we could get away.布兰迪希望我们能出去走走
201–Escrow just closed yesterday.昨天刚完成一单契约
202–You can afford a cabin,你有钱去住小木屋
203–but you can’t scrape up child support?却凑不齐孩子的赡养费
204–The check is in the mail.支票我已经寄了
205–Oh. No, it’s not.没收到啊
206–I found my dental guard. I’m ready.护齿套找到了 可以走了
207–Stop fighting.别吵了
208–We are being as nice as we possibly can to one another.我们已经尽可能友好相处了
209–Like I said, stop fighting.听我说 别再吵了
210–Excuse me, Brandi.不好意思 布兰迪
211–Do you mind?麻烦你捡起来好吗
212–Oh, okay.好的
213–Wait. Susan, you’re right there. You can pick it up.等等 苏珊 就在你边上 捡一下不就得了
214–I could, but she’s the one who threw it.我可以捡 但这是她扔的
215–Come on. Don’t be petulant.拜托 别无理取闹了
216–Just pick up the stupid can.你就捡一下那该死的罐头吧
218–I can pick it up.我来捡吧
219–Honey, stay out of this.宝贝 你别管
221–This is so typical.你总是这样
222–Oh, I’m sorry. Was that petulant, too?真抱歉 我又无理取闹了
223–You know what? You can pick up the damn can yourself.听着 你自己去捡这该死的罐头吧
224–Yeah, well, you just go to hell.去死吧你
225–You want me to pick it up?需要我帮忙捡吗
226–Mrs. Warmington said she looked for 沃明顿太太说她
227–mom’s obituary and couldn’t find it.没找到妈妈的讣告
228–Did you put one in?你发了吗
229–I’ve had other things on my mind, Zack.扎克 我有很多事要忙
230–But how could you not do that?你怎么能连讣告都不发
231–People are going to think we didn’t care about her.别人会以为我们不在乎她
232–I doubt people will give it much thought.我不觉得别人会太在意这事
233–Don’t worry about it.别担心
234–You never talk about her.你都没谈起过她
235–She hasn’t even been dead a month,她去世不到一个月
236–and it’s like you’ve totally forgotten she ever existed.你就好像已经把她忘得一干二净
237–It’s a little early for this kind of talk.我们不该在这时候谈这个
238–Maybe when you die,或许哪天你死了
239–I won’t put in an obituary.我也不会登讣告
240–That will be your choice to make.你自己决定
241–Assuming you outlive me.前提是你得活得比我久
242–Mom, it’s no big deal.妈 没什么大不了的
243–Carlos and I are driving in for the baptism.我和卡洛斯会赶去洗礼的
244–Problem solved.那就搞定啦
245–Okay, fine.嗯 好的
246–You go with aunt Maria,你和玛利亚姨妈先去
247–and I will take Nana to church.随后我会带祖母去教堂的
248–Take your clothes off.快脱衣服吧
249–Okay. I got to go, mom.好的 妈我还有事
250–Yes, right now.对 就现在
251–Okay, you can give me directions later. Bye.那你晚点告诉我怎么走 再见
252–Hi. How was school?在学校表现如何啊
253–Got an a-minus on my biology exam.生物考试得了 A-
254–You did?很好
255–Well, let’s see what you’ve learned.那就来看看你都学到点什么
256–Who’s that?那是谁
257–I don’t know.我不认识
258–Hey, you!你站住
259–So did Mike say anything?麦克没说什么吗
260–No, but, god, you should have seen the look on his face.没 但你真应该看看他当时的表情
261–I’m sure it’s not that bad.没那么糟吧
262–I mean, he’s coming to the party, right?他会来参加晚宴吧
263–I left three messages.我留了三条言
264–Oh, he’s not going to come. Big surprise.他绝不会来的 毫无悬念
265–I did everything but foam at the mouth.我差点就口沫横飞了
266–God, I hate when I get that way.天哪 我恨死那样的自己了
267–It’s like every time I get within 10 feet 好像每次只要我和卡尔距离不到 10 英尺
268–of Carl, I just become this monster.我就表现得像个怪物
269–You know what? It’s not going to change until 要知道 只有彻底解决和他的问题
270–you resolve your issues with that man.才能改变现状
271–What, you mean forgive him?什么 你要我原谅他
272–You know, I’ve lived with this bitterness 我在怨念中活得太久了
273–so long, I think I’d be lonely without it.没了它反而会让我觉得空虚
274–Honey, get a pet.亲爱的 养个宠物吧
275–See ya.再见
276— Son of a - It’s a business meeting.-哇靠 -这是个商务会议
277–It’s a frat party.明显是狐朋狗友大碰头
278–Regional manager, corporate manager, head of sales.地区经理 公司经理 销售主管
279–Margarita, cigar, sombrero.美酒 雪茄 宽边帽
280–Honey, what do you want me to do, sit around 亲爱的 那你想我怎么样
281–the hotel the whole time watching cable?整天呆坐在酒店里看电视
282–No. But when I say,不 但当我说
283–“we’ve been invited to a party,”我们去晚宴吧
284–Don’t whine about your exhausting 60-hour week.别老拿你一周工作 60 小时敷衍我
285–Put on your dancin’ shoes and take the 穿好你的舞鞋
286–mother of your children out for a good time.带着我一起共度美好时光
287–Fine. You know what? You’re right.好吧 你说的没错
288–Let’s go to that party.我们去参加晚宴吧
289–I can’t. I already canceled the sitter.不行啊 我都让保姆别来了
290–Okay, well, we’ll throw the next one.那就我们来办下一次聚会
291–Throw a dinner party?办一次晚宴
292–I don’t even have time to wash my face.我都没时间洗脸
293–No, you know what?这样吧
294–I’m going to go to this one.这次我会去
295–You can stay home and babysit the kids.你待在家带孩子
297–I can handle that.我应付得来
298–Thank you.谢谢
299–Gabrielle spent her morning searching 加布丽尔整个早上都在找
300–for the mysterious little girl.那个神秘的小女孩
301–Sadly for her,悲剧的是
302–the mystery was solved a bit too quickly.女孩找到了 但没想到如此戏剧性
303–What’s going on?怎么了呀
304–Have you met Ashley?你认识阿什莉吗
305–Found it!找到了
306–Babe, this is Sheila Bukowski, our new neighbor.宝贝 这是我们的新邻居希拉·布考斯基
307–They just moved into the miller’s old house.他们刚搬进米勒的老房子
308–My daughter left her ball in your yard. I’m so sorry.很抱歉我女儿把球丢在你们院子里了
309–Oh, oh, no – no problem.没关系
310–Nice to meet you, Ashley.很高兴见到你 阿什莉
311–She’s shy. She doesn’t say much.她很腼腆 话不多
312–Yeah, but I can see her little mind working away.但我看得出她的小脑瓜精灵得很
313–Nice meeting you.很高兴认识你们
314–Come on, Ashley.走吧 阿什莉
315–Private sessions?单独交流
316–I don’t understand. Why do we need private sessions?我不懂我们为什么要单独交流
317–Private sessions allow us to work on 单独交流有利于我们
318–the personal issues of both partners.解决各自的私人问题
319–Oh, well, I don’t have any personal issues.我没什么私人问题
320–My only issue is that my husband wants to leave me,我唯一的问题就是我丈夫想离开我
321–and how can I work on that if he’s not in the room?要是没有他 我的问题怎么解决
322–There are things I need to discuss with 是我想和高德芬博士单独谈谈
323–Dr. Goldfine, and I can’t have you there.希望你能回避下
325–I’m your wife. You can say anything in front of me.我是你老婆 有什么我不能知道的
326–All we need is a few more sessions, and I’m sure we can –只要多交流下 我们肯定能
327–Damn it, Bree,闭嘴 布里
328–a few more sessions isn’t going to fix us.谈几次话根本是徒劳
329–This is bigger than that.我们的问题很严重
330–Why don’t we do it this way?要不我们试试这样
331–Rex, you can take the first half-hour.雷克斯 前半个小时你先来
332–Bree, you can take the second.布里 你后半小时再来
334–Oh, and, doctor,博士
335–if what he’s about to discuss has anything to do with 要是他的讲话内容涉及
336–adultery, prostitution, or internet pornography,通奸 卖淫 或是网络色情
337–I would really appreciate you taking a moral hard line.我希望您能坚守道德底线
338–Hi, Ashley.嗨 阿什莉
339–Remember me? We – we met earlier.还记得我吗 我们之前见过
340–Aren’t you the little artist?你真是个小画家啊
341–What are those – flamingos?那些是什么 火烈鸟
343–Well, they’re very pretty.画得很漂亮
344–It almost looks like they’re kissing.它们仿佛在接吻
345–Funny thing about kissing –其实接吻这件事
346–It’s not just for husbands and wives.并不是夫妻间才能做的哦
347–Sometimes we kiss our mom or our grandpa.我们有时会亲亲妈妈或者爷爷
348–Sometimes we even kiss our dog. Ha ha.有时会亲亲小狗
349–Sometimes we even kiss people who are just our friends,有时还会亲吻我们的朋友
350–kind of like a high-five on the lips. Right?像是在用嘴唇来击掌 对吗
351–Hey, Ash,阿什啊
352–I was at the mall, and I saw this.我刚在商场看到这个
353–I thought you might like it.我猜你会喜欢
354–She’s Hawaiian.她来自夏威夷
355–Her name is princess Kahalua,是卡哈鲁瓦公主
356–and I think it means “little waterfall,”涵义大概是”小瀑布”
357–or “big pond” or something.或者”大海”之类的
358–So we’re good, right?那我们没问题了 是吧
359–Well, you enjoy your new little friend,你和你的新朋友玩
360–and if there’s anything else you need, you just let me know.还需要什么就告诉我
361–What I’d really like 我想要的
362–is a bike.其实是自行车
363–Where did you find that?你在哪儿找到的
364–She used this to kill herself.她就是用这自杀的
365–Why would you keep it?你为什么还留着
367–Because I thought we might need it someday.因为我觉得有天会用上
368–For what?用在哪里
370–I want to talk about mom.我们得谈谈妈妈
371–You need to take your medication.你该吃药了
372–We are going to talk about mom.我们必须得谈
373–Hello, Zack.嗨 扎克
374–I hope this isn’t a bad time.希望没打扰到你
375–What can I do for you, Mrs. Van de Kamp?范德坎普太太 你来有什么事吗
376–Well, I wanted to invite you and your 我想请你和你爸爸
377–father to a dinner party tomorrow night.明晚来参加晚宴
378–I’m not sure where he is right now.我不知道他现在在哪儿
379–Oh. Well, I’m sorry it’s such late notice, but, well,我很抱歉 这么迟才告诉你们
380–we weren’t sure that you and your father were 我们不确定你们父子俩
381–ready for any kind of social engagement yet,是否调整好情绪参加社交
382–but, we’re sort of throwing it in your mother’s honor.这次是我们为纪念你母亲而办的
384–Yes, it’s just going to be a casual night with the gang.没错 就是大家聚一聚
385–We’re going to eat and tell fun stories about your mom.边吃饭边讲些关于你妈妈的趣事
386–Zack… Are you okay?扎克 你还好吗
387–Hello, Bree.你好 布里
388–Oh, hi, Paul. I was just –你好 保罗 我就是想
389–I heard.我都听到了
390–Thank you, but we already have plans for tomorrow.谢谢 但我们明天有事
391–Oh. That’s too bad.那太遗憾了
392–Well, I should go.我该走了
393–Thank you, Mrs. Van de Kamp.谢谢您 范德坎普太太
394–For what, Zack?谢我什么 扎克
395–Remembering my mom.谢谢您还惦记着我妈妈
396–That night, Paul gave his son something 那晚 保罗给他儿子一些东西
397–to calm his nerves,来抚慰他的紧张
398–And the next day, Gabrielle calmed her own nerves 第二天 加布丽尔给新朋友送个礼物
399–by giving something to her new best friend.来抚慰自己的紧张
400–Here you go.给你的
401–Top of the line, 3-speed, aluminum frame,最新款 三倍变速 铝制车身
402–handlebar ribbons, and a bell,把手缠绕着丝带 还有个铃
403–and you’ll notice it’s royal blue 而且还是宝蓝色的
404–to match your pretty little eyes.和你漂亮的眼睛一样
405–My eyes are green.我的眼睛是绿色的
406–Yeah, well, you’ll be cruising so fast 好吧 你戴上这个
407–on this, no one will even notice.飞驰而过 没有人会注意的
408–It’s all yours, hon.这些都是你的
409–Have fun.玩得开心
410–What? What’s wrong?怎么了 有什么不好吗
411–I don’t know how to ride a bike.我不会骑车
413–Well, then, why did you ask for one?那你为什么向我要一辆
414–Why can’t you show me?为什么你不能教教我
415–Sure, one of these days.行 改天吧
416–What’s wrong with now?为什么不能现在教
417–After her talk with Lynette,在她和勒奈特谈过之后
418–Susan decided to take a look at her old photo album,苏珊决定看看她以前的相册
419–and she began to see herself in a whole new light,她开始重新审视自己
420–and the picture wasn’t flattering.但那些照片依然不能让她开心起来
421–Yeah, you got Karl. Leave a message.你好 我是卡尔 请留言
422–Hey, Karl, it’s me.卡尔 是我
423–I was hoping you’d be there.我很希望你在
424–Um, listen, we need to talk,听着 我们得谈谈
425–so maybe when you drop Julie off tomorrow,明天你送朱莉回来的时候
426–we could have a moment.或许我们能谈谈
427–It’s important.这很重要
428–Give my best to…代我向
430–Call me.回我电话
431–Susan was proud of herself.苏珊为自己感到骄傲
432–She was finally ready to let go of her anger.她最终打算不生气了
434–The boys will be hungry at 5:30,孩子们五点半就饿了
435–so put the fish sticks in the toaster oven at 5:00.所以五点就要把鱼肉条放进烤箱
436–For half an hour. Honey, I know.烤半小时 亲爱的 我知道
437–This is the third time you’ve told me.你已经说了三遍了
438–Well, if the food’s late, god help you.好吧 如果孩子们没及时吃到饭你可就惨了
439–Beautiful, I don’t need a pamphlet.知道了 我不需要一本小册子
440–It’s not brain surgery.这又不是什么脑部手术
441–They’re just kids, for god sake.拜托 他们只是些孩子
442–Preston, would you come here?普雷斯顿 过来一下
444–you know our rule about eating cookies, right?你知道我们吃小饼干的规矩
445–Yeah, we can’t have them after 5:00,是的 我们五点后不能吃
446–cause sugar makes us hyper.因为糖会引起多动症
447–Yeah, but tonight, anything goes.但是 今晚 什么都可以吃
448–Make sure you share with your brothers.和你的兄弟一起吃
449–Thanks, mom.谢谢妈妈
450–Don’t look at your feet. Don’t look at your feet.不要向下看 别向下看
451–Look at the road. Look at the road. Good.看路 看前面的路 不错
452–Find your balance. Find your balance.找到平衡点
453–Okay, it’s all you. It’s all you! you’re doing great!就这样 你骑得好极了
454–Okay, stay to the right. Watch the car.往右骑 小心车
455–Watch the car! Watch the car!小心那辆车
456–Oh! Are you okay?你没有受伤吧
457–Yeah. Let’s go again.我很好 我们再来一遍
458–Oh, honey, these heels don’t have another block in them.亲爱的 我穿着这鞋可不行
459–What about tomorrow?明天怎么样
460–Well, you won’t be around tomorrow, ‘cause you have school.明天你就不能在这玩了 因为你 要去学校
461–I’m homeschooled.我是在家学习的
462–I’m always around.我可以经常出来玩
463–It was in that moment that Gabrielle 那一瞬间加布丽尔
464–realized this ride was far from over.意识到这只是个开始
465–I’m coming!我来了
466–Karl, what are you doing here? I asked you to come tomorrow.卡尔 怎么是你 我让你明天来
467–You said you wanted to talk. It sounded important.你说想要谈谈 听起来很重要
468–Tomorrow. I’m in a towel.明天吧 我只披了一条浴巾
469–We were married 14 years.我们结婚十四年了
470–I know what’s under there. Come on.拜托 我有什么没见过
471–I’m not really ready for this.我还没有准备好
472–I was going to have a whole speech prepared.我打算为这次谈话好好准备一下的
473–Brandi and I have plans tomorrow.布兰迪和我明天有其他计划
474–I suggest you wing it.我建议你现在就说
475–Um, okay.好吧
476–Here’s the thing, Karl –是这样的 卡尔
477–I was thinking about what happened 我一直在想发生过什么
478–in the driveway yesterday,在昨天回家的路上
479–and I-I just don’t want to –我并不想
480–I don’t want to live like that.要那样的生活
481–I don’t want to be that kind of person,我不想变成那种人
482–and I just thought if the two of us,我只是想 如果我们两个
483–you know, if we had a nice, calm –能够温和的 平静的
484–I need an apology, Karl.我需要一个道歉 卡尔
485–A what?一个什么
486–An apology for the way you ended our marriage.一个道歉 你就那样结束了我们的婚姻
487–You never took any responsibility for your behavior.你从来不为你的行为负责
488–I don’t know what to say, Susan.我不知道该说什么 苏珊
489–The heart wants what it wants.我想得到自己想要的东西
490–What does that mean?那是什么意思
491–I fell in love.我恋爱了
492–While you were married to someone else.当你有家室的时候
493–The heart wants what it wants.我的身心不受控制
494–Yeah, well, my heart wants to hurt you,我很想伤害你
495–But I can control myself.但是我能控制我自己
496–I-I don’t want to go back to that ugly place, really,我不想无休止地争论这个问题
497–and if you do, I suggest that you get some help.如果你还想 我建议你去寻求帮助
498–You know what?你知道吗
499–I don’t need an apology.我不需要道歉
500–I don’t need anything from you.我不需要你的任何东西
501–You’re humiliating yourself.你在自取其辱
502–No, you’re the one who’s been humiliated, Karl.你才是那个自取其辱的人 卡尔
503–Why don’t you see that?你为什么就视而不见呢
504–You walked out on your family.你抛弃了你的家庭
505–People think you’re scum, not me,大家都觉得你是人渣 而不是我
506–so worry about yourself. I’m okay with me.我没问题 我担心的是你
507–I can walk down the street and hold my head high.我可以挺胸抬头地走在大街上
508–As the sun slowly settled on Wisteria Lane,紫藤郡的太阳慢慢下山了
509–an unsettled Susan racked her brain 还没有着落的苏珊想尽了办法
510–to find a way into her own house.如何进家门
511–Lying naked in her shrubs,赤裸着躺在了她家的灌木丛中
512–it occurred to Susan this could be the 对于苏珊来说这可能是
513–most humiliating moment of her life.一生中最丢脸的事
515–She was wrong.她错了
516–Uh, whatcha doing?你在干什么
517–Locked myself out…把自己反锁在外面
519–And then I fell.然后我就摔倒了
520–So how are you?你呢
521–I just got back.我刚刚回来
522–I’ve been gone all day,我出去了一整天
523–and I got your messages about dinner,收到你的邀请留言
524–and, um, I would love to come if that invite still stands.我很高兴参加 只要你还愿意的话
525–It’s a date.就这么定了
526–All right. I, um…好的
527–assume the dress is casual.穿休闲装行吗
528–Yeah. It’s – it’s casual.好的 就休闲装
529–Thanks for helping me break in.谢谢你帮我破门而入
530–Do you think it’ll be hard to replace that screen?你觉得把还能把那个纱窗还能还原吗
531–It depends.看情况
532–If you nail it in yourself, you might want to wear gloves…如果你要自己钉 你需要一副手套
533–Or pants. Pants wouldn’t hurt.还有裤子 穿裤子不会受伤
534–Okay, I know what just happened is funny in theory,事实上 我知道刚才的事很可笑
535–but I’m nowhere near ready to laugh about it,但是我还没有准备好把这当笑话来说
536–so please, no jokes.所以 拜托 不要开玩笑
537–Hey, where have you two been?你们两个去哪里了
538–Uh, Susan had a problem finding something to wear.苏珊找不到衣服穿
539–Oh, is that the kind of thing you meant?你说的是这意思吧
540–Pretty much.差不多
541–The kids are bouncing off the walls? Huh.孩子们不停地在墙上弹来弹去吗
542–Well, I’m sure you can figure a way to put them to bed, Tom.汤姆 我想你有办法让他们去睡觉 的
543–I mean, for god sakes, Tom, they’re just kids.拜托 汤姆 他们只是些孩子
544–Hey. Are you okay?你还好吗
545–Yes, I-I went jogging today,是的 今天我去慢跑了
546–and I think I just pushed myself too hard.我觉得我太急于求成了
547–Oh, you’re probably not wearing the right shoes.你也许是没有穿对鞋
548–Yea, that thought did cross my mind.是的 我也是这么想的
549–So Gabrielle says that you and Bree are 加布丽尔说 你和布里
550–taking lessons three times a week.一周上三次课
551–I’m actually thinking about playing again.我也想有空重新开始练习
552–I mean, it’s such great exercise.网球真的有益身体健康
553–Mm. That it is.是的
554–And my drop shot could use a serious tune-up.我的扣球技术需要好好调整一下
555–Think you can give me the number of your pro?你可以把你教练的电话给我吗
556–Yeah. I’ll, uh, I’ll give it to you later.可以 我一会给你
557–Well, what club does he work out of?他在哪个俱乐部工作
558–W-We’re not really taking tennis lessons, Carlos.我们并不是真的上网球课 卡洛斯
559–You’re not?不是吗
560–That’s a story 那只是编的故事
561–Bree concocted to cover the fact that 布里编造出来掩盖事实
562–we’re seeing a marriage counselor.我们在看婚姻咨询
563–Bree – Bree…布里
564–He wouldn’t stop asking about the tennis pro.他不停地打听网球教练
565–Bree and I are in marriage counseling.布里和我在做婚姻咨询
566–Everyone knows our secret now.所有人都知道这个秘密了
567–Did the sky fall?天塌下来了吗
568–Has your life come crashing down?你的生活被毁了吗
569–If everybody would please take your seats,请大家入座
570–dinner is served.晚餐马上就好
571–With the winds from the northwest at 4 miles per hour,伴随着每小时四英里的风速
572–it’s currently 55 degrees.现在的气温是摄氏五十五度
573–Now we go to rich… live on the scene in Westbrook.我们正在维斯布鲁克进行现场报道
574–A grisly discovery was made today in Westbrook 今天此地有个可怕的发现
575–when a chest was found in Rockwater Lake,有人在岩水湖找到一个木箱
576–discovered by a local area businessman and 是当地的一个商人
577–his grandson while they were fishing.和他孙子钓鱼的时候发现的
578–Investigators recovered a wooden chest 调查员打开了这个木箱
579–containing what appears to be human remains.里面似乎是人的遗骸
580–Now, a police spokesman says the body was –现在 警方发言人说尸体是
581–Okay, I got to break the ice here.好啦 我来说几句
582–So you’re in counseling. Big deal.你们在做婚姻咨询 有什么大不了的
583–You want humiliation?想知道什么才叫丢人吗
584–I’ll give you humiliation.我来告诉你吧
585–I locked myself out of my house 我把自己锁在了屋子外面
586–stark naked and got caught by Mike.一丝不挂 还被麦克堵了个正着
587–Oh, my god. When did this happen?天啊 什么时候的事
588–Today, right before the party.今天 就在聚会之前
589–What can I say? Right place, right time.我还能说什么 来得早不如来得巧
590–I think I can top that. Try getting thrown 你们谁都没法和我比 我曾经因为
591–out of Disneyland for lewd behavior.行为下流被人家从迪士尼乐园赶出去
592–What? When was this?你说什么 什么时候的事
593–When Tom and I were first married,那还是我和汤姆刚结婚的时候
594–things got a little out of hand on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.我们在疯狂大冒险那里有些把持不住
595–You’re kidding.你开玩笑吧
596–No. We got perp walked down main street, USA.没有 我们像罪犯一样走过美国小镇大街
597–Well, since we’re doing true confessions,好吧 既然大家都在自爆糗事
598–Carlos and I once broke a waterbed in Cancoon.我和卡洛斯曾经在坎昆弄坏了一张水床
599–How’d you manage that?你们是怎么做到的
600–Well, he used to have a thing for spiked heels.有段时间他超喜欢细跟高跟鞋
601–I’d just like to make it clear – she was wearing them.我要声明一下 鞋穿在她的脚上
602–Rex cries after he ejaculates.雷克斯每次射精之后都会嚎啕大哭
603–You think we left too early?我们是不是走得太早了
604–I was thinking we left too late.我倒是觉得走得太晚了
605–So is, uh, Rex gone for good?雷克斯就这样一走了之吗
606–I don’t know.我也不知道
607–God, I hope not.希望他还能回来
608–I mean, they’ve always been wound a little tight,他们两个总是有些磕磕绊绊
609–but I’ve never seen them like that.可这样的场面我还是第一次见到
610–Then again, who am I to judge?不过话说回来 我哪有资格评论人家
611–You mean people who live in glass 你是说你们同病相怜
612–houses shouldn’t throw soda cans?因此不该相互嘲笑讥讽
613–Okay, you have got to know that I 你要知道 我只有在
614–only get that angry around Karl.面对卡尔的时候才会仪态尽失
615–He just treated me so badly at the end.最后那段时间他对我简直差劲透了
616–I haven’t been able to get past it.直到现在我都无法释怀
617–Well, maybe he did you a big favor.也许他也帮了你个大忙
618–What do you mean?什么意思
619–Let’s look at Karl as a starter marriage 你可以把卡尔看作是起步婚姻
620–you know, boot camp.就像是新兵训练营那样
621–Preparing you for something better next time.为接下来更美满的婚姻做准备
622–Listen, Mike…听我说 麦克
623–About the whole seeing me naked thing, I…有关我赤身裸体地被你撞见的事情 我
624–I don’t – I just want to thank you for 我 我只是想谢谢你
625–being such a… perfect gentleman.能够表现得如此绅士
626–Oh, I wasn’t a perfect gentleman.其实也没有那么绅士
627–I might have snuck a peek.我好像偷偷瞄了一眼
628–Good night.晚安
629–And, um, for what it’s worth…我想做出的评价是
631–How was your night?今晚过得怎么样啊
632–We are raising little terrorists.我们养的简直是小恐怖分子
633–You know that, don’t you?你知道的 没错吧
634–Oh. You didn’t have a good time?这么说你过得不好喽
635–Okay, you know what? Drop the act.一边去 你别装蒜了
636–I know you gave them cookies.我知道你给他们饼干了
637–Oh. Who cracked, anyway?是谁告的密
639–So how was your, uh, dinner party?你的晚宴怎么样
640–Well, there was dinner, but it wasn’t much of a party.吃得倒是还好 不过不怎么开心
641–Uh-oh. What happened?怎么了
642–I don’t know.我也搞不懂
643–Rex announced that he and Bree are in counseling.雷克斯宣布他和布里在进行婚姻咨询
644–She retaliated with this whole revelation 她对他进行了报复
645–which I won’t even go into now,至于细节我就不想说了
646–and the bottom line is he stormed out.总之最后他气得要死 离开了家
647–Clearly, there’s trouble in paradise.很明显 即使是完美之家也会遇到麻烦
648–Honestly, I’m not that surprised.老实说 我并不怎么惊讶
649–Why not?为什么
650–I don’t know. I just never got the 我也说不好 不过我总是觉得
651–idea that they were really happy.他们并不是真的幸福
652–Are we happy?那我们幸福吗
653–Man, oh, man.唉 老天啊
654–I keep seeing that look on Rex’s face,我一直在想雷克斯脸上的那个表情
655–and then him taking off like that.然后他就那样离开了
656–Some night.如此波折的夜晚啊
657–Then again, I would probably cry, too,但如果要我和那样的女人上床
658–if I had to have sex with that woman.我也会嚎啕大哭的
659–I mean, you watch a man get torn down like that,那个男人被羞辱得颜面尽失
660–it makes you wonder why he let her get away with it.真搞不懂他怎么会让一个女人嚣张成那样
661–Believe me, if a woman ever 相信我 如果哪个女人
662–humiliated me like that in public,敢在别人面前让我下不来台
663–Hm– it would only happen once.我一定要她好看
664–So, uh, where are you going?你打算去哪
665–I’ll be staying at the motor lodge.去住汽车旅馆
666–The hotel by the Interstate has better rates,州际酒店价格比较划算
667–and it’s closer to your work.离你上班的地方也近一点
669–I’m packing your swimsuit.我把你的泳衣也装进去吧
670–There’s a pool there,酒店里有游泳池
671–and I know how swimming relaxes you.游泳可以让你得到放松
672–When our kids ask where I am, what are you going to say?孩子问我去哪的时候你打算怎么说
673–I could tell them that you went to tennis camp.我可以告诉他们你去网球训练营了
674–That was a joke.开个玩笑
675–Yeah. I got it.听出来了
676–Obviously, if you’ve forgotten anything,当然 如果你落下了什么东西
677–you can, um, come right back and get it.你可以 马上回来拿
678–Well, I’ll call you.我会给你打电话的
680–In college, when we first started dating,上大学时 我们刚开始约会那段时光
681–people were so jealous of us.大家是多么的嫉妒我们
682–We were the golden couple.我们就是金童玉女
683–Everybody knew we were going to have this wonderful life.每个人都相信我们会过得幸福美满
684–Why is this happening?事情怎么会变成这样
685–Because you can’t even let me pack my own suitcase.因为你连收拾行李这种事都要管
686–All right, see ya. Have fun.回见 过得开心
687–Where are you going?你要去哪
688–Just a sec.等会儿
690–Don’t worry. I’m not packing heat.放心吧 我不是去惹麻烦的
691–Hey, Brandy, would you scoot a little?布兰迪 你能不能往里坐一点
692–Just scoot. Thank you.一点点就好 谢啦
693–What are you doing?你这是要干什么
694–I’ll be quick.很快就说完
695–Brandy, I’m sorry for the way I treated you.布兰迪 抱歉以前我对你态度很差
696–It was uncalled for and childish,那些都是没事找事的幼稚行为
697–and it won’t happen again.以后不会再这样了
698–I have built up a lot of anger towards you, both of you,以前我对你们两个憋了一肚子气
699–and I realize now that I just 而我现在意识到
700–can’t carry that around anymore,我不能再继续在愤怒中生活
701–so apology or no apology,不管你们道歉还是不道歉
702–I’m moving on.我都不会再计较了
703–Mrs. Mayer?梅尔太太
705–Brandy, get in the car.布兰迪 上车
706–Mrs. Mayer.梅尔太太
707–Please, call me Susan.叫我苏珊就好
708–I just wanted you to know 我只是想让你知道
709–what happened between me and Karl,我和卡尔之间的事情
710–things got out of hand.和你想的不一样
711–Because I thought your marriage was over.当时我以为你们已经结束了
712–Anyway, I just wanted you to know 不管怎么说 我只是想让你知道
713–I’m sorry. I really am.我很抱歉 真的很抱歉
714–Thank you.谢谢你
715–And though it came from an unexpected source,尽管事情来得很意外
716–Susan finally got the apology she’d always wanted.苏珊最终还是得到了她想要的那句对不起
717–Hey. Let me take those.我来帮你拿
718–You’re wearing a really big hat.你的帽子还真是大
719–Yes, I am.没错
720–Listen, the kids are watching a video,孩子们在看录像
721–which means that we’ve got only about 45 也就是说在他们找到尼莫[海底总动员]
722–minutes until they actually find Nemo,之前我们只有四十五分钟了
723–so I suggest that we make the most of it.要我说 我们得好好利用这段时间
724–By reliving your night out with the guys?用来补偿那个你和别人出去狂欢的夜晚
726–I’m trying.我在努力
727–You look… ridiculous in that thing.你戴着那东西还真是搞笑
728–Sexy ridiculous?性感得好笑吗
730–I can live…我可以接受
731–with maybe.这句也许
732–You know, it’s going to take more than just this one night.你要知道 要解决问题一个晚上可不 够
733–I know.我明白
734–Looks like we have an audience.原来我们还有观众啊
735–Let ‘em look.让他们看吧
736–As long as they don’t try and cut in.只要他们不来捣乱就好
737–Dr. Goldfine.高德芬博士
738–Bree. We’re not scheduled now, are we?布里 你没有预约吧
739–I didn’t have time to make an appointment.我没时间预约了
740–Rex moved out today.雷克斯今天搬出去了
741–Oh, I’m very sorry to hear that,我很抱歉
742–but unfortunately, I’m completely booked right now.但是我现在已经预约满了
743–I don’t need much time.我不会耽误你太多时间
744–It just seems that you have more insight into my situation 只不过 你比我更明白我现在的处境
745–than I do, and I just think –所以我想
746–Bree, we can’t talk now.布里 我现在没法和你聊天
747–If you could just tell me what he told you,只要你告诉我他和你说了些什么
748–then I could fix the problem.我就能把问题解决掉
749–I can’t do that. It’s completely unethical.无可奉告 那样做是违反职业道德的
750–Well, why can’t you –有什么不能的
751–That’s my next appointment.我的下一个顾客已经来了
752–You really need to go.你得离开这儿了
753–Dr. Goldfine, please.高德芬博士 求你了
754–Hold on. I’ll go and talk to my client.稍等一下 我去和他谈谈
755–Bree searched for Rex’s audiotape 布里寻找着雷克斯的录音记录
756–hoping to find answers.想要从中找出答案
757–She found answers, all right,她的确找到了答案
759–but to entirely different questions.然而却是另一个问题的答案
760–I understand completely.我完全理解
761–I’ll – I’ll be out in just a minute.我马上回来
762–Bree, I’m – I’m sorry. He can’t wait,布里 很抱歉 他没法等
763–but I can see you first thing 不过明天早上八点
764–in the morning – 8:00.我可以第一个见你
766–Sorry to interrupt.抱歉打搅你了
768–Yes, I remember the world –every detail.没错 我记得这个世界 每一个细节
769–And what I remember most is how afraid I was.而我记得最清楚的 是我曾经多么恐惧
770–What a waste.还真是浪费
771–You see, to live in fear is not to live at all.恐惧的生活跟死了没什么区别
772–I wish I could tell this to those I left behind,我希望我可以把这些告诉那些活着的人
773–but would it do any good?但是有用吗
774–Probably not.或许不会
775–I understand now –我现在终于明白
776–there will always be those who face their fears…总会有人能勇敢面对他们的恐惧
777–And there will always be those who run away.也总会有些人选择逃避

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